Circuit Design Environment

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License: MIT

Viper is an open integrated circuit design environment. It supports design workflows with both free and proprietary software tools. It also natively supports software-based circuit design flows in addition to traditional flows.

It supports both open source tools and Cadence Virtuoso with the Virtue package.

Environment Manager

It has a circuit design package and environment manager that makes it easy to install packages and create additional environments so the environment can be customized to the needs of every team and every project.

viper-forge is developing a set of viper packages.

Getting Started

Setup a new machine or site using the install script.


All development planning happens in GitHub issues and GitHub discussions.

If you see an issue of interest, first check to see if there is an existing branch named after its issue number. Then feel free to comment on the issue and hopefully submit a pull request with your update.

For more general questions or if you’re looking for guidance on getting started, post in GitHub discussions.

Cadence Virtuoso Support

Cadence Virtuoso is supported with the Virtue package.

Command Line Interfaces