SKILL++ Packages#

A SKILL++ package is a set of related SKILL++ modules defined as part of a project. Normally each project contains a single SKILL++ package.

A Virtue SKILL++ conda package can : * Automatically initialize it’s SKILL Code * Customize the library manager * Register custom view types with the data registry * Add OA libraries to the library manager

Initialize SKILL#

Each SKILL++ package should have an initialization file which loads and initializes all of the project’s skill code. The init file should follow be named “<project-name>.cdsinit.ils” (SKILL++) or “<project-name>” (SKILL) by convention. It should be located in the top-level source code directory. This init file will then be loaded by Virtue automatically once virtue is installed.

The virtue-environment.ils script initializes each package in the Virtue SKILL environment containing it. The Virtue package is initialized first, followed by all the initialization scripts of all the other packages. The initialization scripts are loaded from the location registerd with Virtue.

Customize the Library Manager#

A Virtue SKILL++ package can customize the Virtuoso library manager to customize its menus and settings. See the installation instructions for how the library customization environment initialization script can be called.

A library manager initialization script can be included in the source code directory. It’s file name should end in “”. This file can contain calls to any of the library manager SKILL functions. These functions cannot be called from the main SKILL initialization script which is loaded in the top-level SKILL environment.

A project can add additional entries in the Virtue library manager menu which can be referenced by name, “VirtueMenu”. If more than one item is needed for a project, it should be added as a sub-menu. Links to documentation for other projects can also be added to the “VirtueHelpMenu”.

Virtue library manager menu

see Install the Library Manager Customizations for installation information.


See Library Manager customization example file from Cadence online support for examples.

Data Registry Customization#

A virtue conda package can customize the Virtuoso data registry to include custom view types in the library manager. The package should then register the location of it with Virtue using the plugin hooks. Virtue will then add this as a SOFTINCLUDE in its data.reg along with all the other packages in the same Python environment with data.reg files registered so only the virtue data.reg needs to be installed in your environment.

See the Install View Types section for environment setup instructions.

Cadence Libraries#

Still under development

A Conda SKILL package can add libraries to Virtuoso by registering them with Virtue.